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Chakra readings

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You are energy. Everything is energy. The 7 chakras represent energy “wheels” or “centers”, which are positioned from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, through which energy flows.

Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions. They help to regulate all the body’s processes, from organ function to the immune system.  They also govern various emotional issues, from our survival instincts and self-esteem to our ability to communicate and experience love.  Our chakras are catalysts of consciousness.

The ability of your chakras to function optimally is what keeps your mind, body & spirit balanced.  A chakra blockage or imbalance in one or several of your 7 chakras can initiate mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual ailments & disease.

Get a chakra reading with me to determine the state of your energy fields, its current effects in your life, and how you can clear & balance them to counteract the potential manifestation of illness or disease.  Remember disease is “dis-ease”, a lack of ease or harmony within the body.


OPTIONS 1A/2A: I have the ability to remotely view your chakras in my mind’s eye. I will explain to you what I see for each of your 7 chakras (size, color, characteristics, variations) and interpret the meaning for you.  You will resonate with everything & recognize its effects in your life, so you can choose to make improvements. 

OPTIONS 1B/2B: In addition to the above, you will receive an additional 20 minute intuitive reading as well.  Spirit will reveal 3 specific images/messages for you that go above & beyond just your chakras.  It’s a very powerful combination!

OPTIONS 1C/2C: This includes everything in option 1B/2B, PLUS a clearing and healing of your chakras, so you can feel balanced, re-energized, and connected to Spirit. I will also share specific ways in which you can clear & heal your energy fields yourself.

*COUPLES OPTION/SESSIONS: As above, but the readings & revelations will focus on the two of you as a couple versus individually. It will reveal both the positive & negative energy in your relationship, stuck points, unconscious behaviors, shifts each can make to improve the connection & partnership in order to overcome obstacles you both may be facing.  Although it is ideal to have both partners present during the session, it is not necessary.

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