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Holistic Life Coaching is a powerful form of life coaching because it encompasses every aspect of a person's life as it relates to the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole. One-on-one and/or couples' sessions provide clients the ability to assess & identify all areas of their lives they would like to improve upon, such as finances, relationships, careers, physical health, and education to name a few. Holistic coaching allows for deeper exploration and helps identify emotional and mental blockages, stuck points, and limited beliefs so healing can take place activating one's full potential.

My personal method is designed to guide clients through their soul's awakening - their true self. As clients continue to grow & evolve, they begin to view and handle their lives & relationships from a completely different perspective: Through their spiritual eyes versus their physical eyes. By stepping into their spiritual power, clients experience profound
transformations that are life-changing.

Other modalities of treatment can be customized & used in session, which may include relaxation/meditation exercises, healing energy work, tapping methods, and intuitive or chakra readings to delve deeper into unconscious issues.

Specializing in: Transitional Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Love & Relationship Coaching. Cielo has a depth of experience in life transitions to include divorce, military lifestyles, parenthood, women’s issues, career & more.

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